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Preparing for branding and marketing for  Vine Living & Vine Recruitment

Hi Terence,

I’ve put this plan together in preparation for the Vine Living and Vine Recruitment branding that we discussed. This plan is tailored to your current situation, as I understand it.

Since we’ve been working together for a while, I’ll make this as brief but detailed as possible. If you have questions, contact me via the usual channels.

Current Situation and goals

  • You want to revamp the Vine Living website
  • This website will be relevant and personal, mainly to reach private clients for home care
  • You want me to manage both Vine Living and Vine Recruitment brand management. This will enable us to have cohesive messaging and visuals across social media, the website and other customer touch points
  • You want me to measure and optimise marketing to achieve specific business goals

What I propose to do to achieve your goals

Vine Living website

It would be better if the website was created sooner. People already see your website advertised in post offices, cars and on social media. They’ll be intrigued but underwhelmed when they get there. Your website is your home. I created a dummy website here showing what my plan is to communicate to private clients. As soon as someone visits the home page, they know what they are getting and what to do. If they want to learn more about Vine Living, the info is right at their fingertips. Clickable phone number, brochure (that I’ll create), option to book a consultation or call-back. These are especially important for private clients.

I’ll add accessibility features to the website. I will also provide users with the option of having web text read out to them, instead of reading.

By taking the time to consider the needs of your clients, you’re showing that you empathize with them and that you’re committed to helping them in whatever way you can. This kind of thoughtfulness and dedication will leave a positive impression and build trust between you and your clients.

Timeline: The website is still under construction. Pictures, colours and fonts will change. Once it’s polished, you’ll see how this upcoming website compares to the current one. As I do for social media posts, I know how to make impressive designs. I can complete in one week what I’ve already started.

Vine Living Social

  • I’ll take on Vine Living Social media

Vine Recruitment

  • It’s time to refresh the website
  • I’ll continue doing social.

How I will measure and report success

As we discussed, if we have a marketing budget, say £200, I’ll have a lot of headroom to work with.
I will talk to you or your team to identify goals every quarter. It could be any of these things. Recruitment, finding a client, building a following, bumping up website visits, or generating leads. The plan is to make these achievable. For example a goal could be getting calls from private clients. The next step could be to get 1 private client. Working like this will focus us on what matters to get results. It will inform what types of marketing we need for each demographic. E.g. social media, leafleting or digital ads in public places, etc.

It’s no longer about quantity but about targeting. Every quarter, we can measure actual numbers and people’s behaviour using platforms’ data. And I refine marketing from there.

To increase website visits, I will use Google ads. This is buying rankings for specific keywords. When users search for those words, we get sponsored to be on top of the search results. This can be a game changer for reaching private clients.

Rather than rambling on, I’d rather emphasize that this next phase of marketing is results-based. And not random marketing and social media postings.

I’m confident I can help you create the visual appeal your business needs.

This appeal will come from video and graphic images that match the type of high-paying clients you’re after. I can help you get customers to come to you. By targeting and getting Google sponsorship for your services.

I have a value-based pricing system. That means I’m only as good as my work’s value to your business. If marketing helps you get higher paying clients, or meet your other business objectives e.g. brand awareness and recruitment, that is value.

For taking responsibility for the Vine Recruitment and Vine Living portfolios, I ask for a small portion of that. £1,200/ month. This is slightly double what you’re already paying for the Vine Recruitment portfolio.

Please get in touch if you need to clarify or discuss anything.

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