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Preparing for website design for your Domiciliary Care  website

Hi Mutoro

It was great chatting with you on the phone after a long time. I’ve put this plan in preparation for the website for your Domiciliary Care agency you are starting.
This plan is tailored to your current situation as I understand it.
If you have any questions at all, then please just contact me via the usual channels.

Current Situation and goals

  • This is a new website that you want to create for your business
  • You want the website to help you recruit workers and get clients
  • The website will also help you with CQC registration process
  • You’ve given me an overview of what you’re expecting of the website
  • You want to start with a minimal website that you’ll develop over time.

Agencies similar to yours

B H Home Care
Danos Elite Care
BSI Health Care


I want to make my suggestions simple and brief. That way you can see for yourself whether my services will give you a result that you want for your business.

  • The goal of this website is to help establish your business presence online. It will help your image when you look for clients and recruit workers. It will also help with CQC registration process
  • To achieve this, It’ll need to present itself in a professional way and give prospective applicants and clients confidence in you.
  • This can be achieved by clearly explaining the relevance of your business to your clients and potential recruits.

While there’re many agencies mushrooming everywhere, I can help your business to reach your audience better. Rather than making just another website, and throw in a couple of pictures here and there, I suggest that I look at what you’re are really trying to get from your business. I’ll use it to tell your story and vision by writing copy that works well with the rest of the website; so it looks credible, professional and reflecting your values and mission.

I’ve assisted a few people across the country and most of them are into care, so I know quite a few things that could help ease pressure on your work while growing your business.

If you decide us to go along with the project, I’ll at some point require some specific information from you about your business  to make sure everything is as it should. I’ll do this by sending you a short questionnaire that takes you a short time to complete.

Having complete information on a website helps users without the need to call you. Usually when people visit a website and don’t get the information they need, they’re less likely to call you. They’ll just leave for a different site.

What I propose to do and other information

I’m suggesting that your agency website focus mainly on recruitment. While you’re looking for clients, it’s hopefully easier to get clients if you’re supplying them with quality, reliable staff! And you get quality by making it easier for them to join and register.

The more you invest in your recruitment process over time helps get staff. Below, I’ll explain how you can run your business more efficiently.


You can start off with a manual way of working, i.e, individuals can download application forms, timesheets, policies, and send them either by post or upload the forms via website. Everything is kind of manual and included in the cost of the website. You’ll however need to supply those copies so I can make them available for download.


You can have online forms for your processes that could be embedded on your website or hosted in the ‘cloud’.

Such forms are fully automated and capture all the required details and verifies that the user submits the forms with all required documentation and signatures,  etc. They can also send for references as soon as forms are submitted. It’s also much easier for applicants to complete forms , making them more likely to want to apply. A form like this can be created by cognito forms and it’s a monthly subscription service.

I could create these forms for you for an extra investment of £164. It actually takes time to create these types of forms and test their functionality so I treat it as an add-on.

Examples of forms (Please note these are not complete forms but an example of what you get.):
Job Application Form | Reference request Form | Agency Agreement Form | New Starter Payroll Form | Timesheet Submission Form and many more.

Automated plus

There’s also a complete healthcare management software solution where everything is fully automated: You may want to check this out in your own time. This automates the whole application process, timesheet management, shift management, invoicing etc. It puts control in the hands of both staff and the administrator. It’s tailored to healthcare agencies but usually suitable for established agencies!

For your investment of £474, I will:

  • Design your website
  • Write an engaging copy for your website
  • I’ll supply licensed images to put on your website
  • Optimise your site for search engines so people looking for your business can find you
  • 3 months of FREE support  updating and running your website.
  • Create email addresses for your business website and help set them up
  • I’ll include any forms eg. CV upload, contact, feedback etc.
  • I’ll also design a logo for your business

For your investment of  £657, I will:

  • Everything on the first offer, plus
  • 6 months of FREE support  updating and running your website.
  • Design a logo for your agency, and marketing materials eg. flyers, banners for your social media etc.

For your investment of £528, I will:

  • In addition to the above, offer 1 year of FREE support for your website including updating and fixing any issues
  • I’ll also create the forms I spoke about above for free. It’ll only be your subscription to the service
  • All prices include website hosting and your website name for the first year only. After that, you’ll need to pay that yourself. It’s cheap at around £80 a year.

This usually will be my most expensive package but because you want a page to help you with registration first, here is what I can do:

I’ll create the first page that will look great and work for registration. This will be about 2 weeks(usually sooner), depending on the volume of work I have. After finalising the project, I’ll then move on to create the rest of the website complete with forms. I will want about 2 months to complete this. This is why it’ll be cheaper as I’ll free up my time to do other work while slowly finalising yours.

If there’s anything above that you wish to discuss or want to clarify, feel free to contact me. I usually ask for a non-refundable 50% deposit to start work. The balance is payable after the website is complete.

I’m looking forward to work with you on your business website. I’m confident that I can help you create a website that works for your business and clearly communicate what you want to say. If you can’t go ahead for any reason, information here will probably help you and as always, my phone is always open to chat about business and other stuff.

All the best! Kombo

Please get in touch if you need to clarify or discuss anything.

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