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    Hey, I’m Kombo, I’m delighted to meet you!

    Everyone has dreams… But for most those dreams quickly fade away when the reality of making a living kicks in.

    Had I not made some extremely hard decisions, I’m sure I’d still be doing a job that gave me no satisfaction. I lacked funds, time and support. Everyday was difficult. And like most aspiring freelancers, I constantly struggled. But I knew I wanted to create:

    Create a business.

    Create an income.

    Create a life that is my own!

    With the right solution and motivation, anything is possible—and I’m here to help you throughout your journey.
    Up-bringing, physical location, ethnicity or gender play no role in getting what you want. It may make it harder. But it doesn’t make it impossible.

    I understand how difficult it can be to turn an idea into an end product. And I know just how lonely it can sometimes feel—especially when everyone else says it can’t be done.

    Forget what others say… There’s really no secret to achieving your dreams. It comes down to just one thing:

    Demand more!

    Demand more than what anyone could ever expect. You’ll get knocked back and fail much more than you succeed, but as long as you keep moving forward and demanding more from yourself, you’ll achieve what you set out to do. And along the way, you’ll become more than you could have ever imagined.

    Why others keep coming back

    I’m committed to understand my customers and get up close and personal with what they want to achieve.

    I explain things in a plain language. You’ll never feel awkward for not knowing technical terms.

    I treat every project as if it were my own, delivering a well thought out, effectively executed and highly polished finish.

    There’s no idea too small that it shouldn’t be looked at with a searching eye

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you work only with people in the UK?

    No. I can work with you regardless of where you are.

    Do you have packages?

    I tailor my services to your needs. Every project is different and requires a different approach, so no, I don’t work to packages.

    Do you offer any additional services not stated here?

    Yes! I have a lot of experience in digital art and computer graphics. That includes video, graphic design, animation and much more.

    What’sApp | Call for more infomation.

    Can a freelancer provide the same service as an agency?

    It depends on the agency and scope of work! However, some agencies hire me when they outsource their work and achieve great results. If you’ve had lack lustre results from an agency, there is no reason why a freelancer wouldn’t be able to perform a better job.

    Agencies charge big fees because they have high expenses for rent, staff and VAT. Agencies tend to be anonymous so that you can’t really be sure who is undertaking your actual day to day work. I am certain that I provide an experience and value for money than using a big agency.

    What if I don't like what you create for me?

    This is a question I get asked a lot, but thankfully a situation I pretty much never face.  Why?  Because I only start working once you have approved our ideas and my pre-sketches.  Working this way means that we both have a clear understanding of what’s being proposed and whether you like the direction I’m taking or not.

    How does payment work?

    When you decide to work with me, I ask you to pay a non-refundable 50% deposit, the balance of which is payable just before delivery.

    Are refunds available on your services?

    Because this is a time-for-money type of business, refunds are sadly not possible.

    How soon can we get started?

    How soon your project can start depends on my workload.  Sometimes I am in a position where I can start new projects (pretty much) immediately, and at other times, waiting time can stretch to up to a month.

    If I book you for a future date but need to cancel, do I get my deposit back?

    Because of the nature of this business, deposits are not refundable and will act as a cancellation fee.

    How do I make payments?

    Any payments can be made securely by bank transfer.

    You can also use a secure Stripe payment terminal. All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

    Any questions?

    Just Ask

    I tell stories rather than say a mesage…

    This is why you’ll enjoy working with me.